Camping in Deschutes National Forest

Over the weekend I had a wonderful time camping with friends in the Deschutes National Forest. It was spontaneous, crazy and very fun. We explored an old lava field with tree casts, built the biggest bonfire I’ve ever seen, ate delicious food and explored. It was exactly what that I needed. Things are getting more and more stressful as I get closer to leaving. 

I move away in 17 days. In the next 400 hours (approximately) I have to finish writing and then defend my thesis proposal, wrap up a bunch of projects with my three jobs while simultaneously ramping up marketing for one job, transition new people into my jobs, CLIMB MT. HOOD, learn to drive a stick shift, pick up my new car, help run a large three-day fencing tournament, plan and host a going away party, say goodbye to all of my friends, oh yeah, and pack everything.


So please, take your drama and any menial requests somewhere else. I have less than zero time for you.