Spring is here!  It is finally time to get back out in the garden.  At school we have a community garden that students can have plots in.  I have had one for a little over a year, but have completely neglected it since winter started.

My Russian Red Kale, in spite of months of neglect, is still growing strong. In fact, it appears to have re-seeded on it’s own! I am very glad too, because it is delicious and tends to be expensive at the farmer’s market.

It was a nice surprise to return to my plot after months (and months) of neglect, to find my carrots, garlic and onions sprouting, and my broccoli well developed. I was inspired by my friend L’s container gardening and basil-growing efforts, and decided that I would like to work on some potted herbs and flowers too. So I got them in soil, now I’m just waiting.