Flying over Montana 

My first day in New York has been fun, exciting, and at times, completely overwhelming.

We had a late night of packing (mostly because I am very particular about my packing) then an early morning to make it to the airport in the morning.  It just so happened that the flight was direct and most of the geography department was on board!  Eleven students and three professors in all, which was nice because once in New York we were able to figure out the air train/subway system to get from the airport to the conference venue.  Upon check in at the conference we all received the printed schedule for this week, which is a whopping 430 pages, and larger than most text books I have used.  General advice is that one should slice the book into the day chunks so that you don’t have to carry the whole thing around.


Once we checked into the conference venue, some of the group started splitting off.  Some students are staying with friends in different parts of the city, some are in hotels near the conference, and a group of us are staying in an international hostel uptown a little ways.  The three of us that are staying in the hostel got lost near Times Square in our attempt to get to the right subway stop.  Admittedly, I got overwhelmed.  Carrying our luggage, walking in circles through hordes of people, and having no idea of direction in such a large city scared me!  Thankfully we finally found the subway and made it to our hostel just fine.

Times Square

After settling in we met up with Mike’s cousin and friend for drinks near the hostel.  Ended up having a completely lovely time, and now everyone is back at the hostel figuring out which sessions to attend tomorrow.  Our hostel is really neat!  It has a bunch of free tours and activities, lots of common areas with wi-fi, a coffee shop, a theater, and a massive kitchen/dining area.  Plus it is inexpensive and full of awesome young people from all over the world.

Alright. Time to get some rest.